AP12 new questions for Tuesday, RWV

Choose 3 questions, one from each pair: answer with at least 3 details each, supporting your clear answer.

English 12 Option: answer all 6 questions, but with only one quote each, or do the AP version.

(#s refer to chapter:)

2: Find examples (other than just following Miss Lavish around, that Lucy is very underconfident in making any of her own choices or finding her way in the world.


3: What does the author seem to imply about Lucy in his discussion of her musical abilities? Characterize her skill, then provide examples of her non-musical real life actions that show the same qualities as her music-making

4: Compare George and Lucy's reactions to the dramatic events in the square: Explain how these reactions may bring them together. How may they show their differences?


5: The beginning of the chapter centers on how the other pension guests (than George) respond to the obvious but unstated gossip about what Lucy saw at the plaza. How was George's response more "strangely pure" than theirs?

6: What's going on behind the humorous banter between George Sr. and Reverend Eager?


7: Choose either Charlotte or Lucy: What does her reaction to the "incident" reveal about her attitudes about what's going on?

Happy reading!

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