Ch. 3-5 LF Reading Questions for Wednesday

Answer each question using at least one quote to support your answer:

1. At the end of C. 3, Simon shows a different, unexpected trait:What does he do that the other boys don't and what does this show about him?
2. At the bottom of p. 56-57 the author interperts Roger's actions: what does Roger do? What does the author say about it?
3. What's up with the face paint?: Who comes up with the idea, and how might it be significant?
4. Why is it so important that the fire goes out? How does Jack react? How does Ralph react? (2 short quotes)
5. How does the boys' behavior change around the fire after they've eaten? Why might this be important?
6. At the meeting in Ch. 5, what does Ralph say that they need? What role is he taking on as a leader?
7. How does Jack react to R's speech?
8. How does the beast assume an important role after Percival describes it? How does it seem to affect them?
9. Find one example of how Piggy looks for "rational" explanations for the beast: What might PIGGY represent?


ANSWER the questions without going off-topic
INCORPORATE quotes correctly and grammatically to support each example.
EXPLAIN each answer fully to answer what's asked
OBSERVE the rules of the formal style.

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