English 9 Sunday morning update

Here's a gift to my 9th-grade Penglish followers, (and official freshman P-nuts, all) in honor of Halloween, Trick-or-Treating and all other attempts to have what remains of a fun and spirited youthful good time:
-Do not do a rush-through reading of M&M: I'm moving the quiz to Wednesday--Just make sure you've read the first two chapters/taken a few notes.

-Only the 8 Sentences "Worksheet" and your revised quickwrite are due tomorrow

*"but wait," you ask: "I already did it all early so that I could be responsible and have a non-procrastinating, guilt-free Halloween--what about me?"

Thank you, I am glad you asked!--Earn extra credit, proportional to the notes they take on the whole book that they show me, if you already did it, so long as you score a B or better on these "wordy" style assignments just mentioned . (remember: only hand-written, non-computer notes accepted for your reading notes.)

Have fun. Write well. Eat sugar. Dress Funny. Happy H-lla'Ween:
Love, P

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