ENG 10 Reminders for Monday, 10/4

Written work on "Genesis" due: (along with rereading of the "Biblical" literature -page 205)

ASSIGNMENT: Write a page-or so responding to some big question that this story raised for you.
First, clarify the question.
Second, look for details (at least 3,) that show what raises this question. These must include (integrated, couched, etc.) quotes from the text.
Third, interpret how the story seems to answer your question! (this may include your reflections as to how it DOESN'T, also)

OBJECTIVES for your revisions:
-Make sure you complete the assignment instructions above: did you answer all 3 parts? Did you incorporate 3 integrated quotes? Did you completely answer and explain what questions this answers?

-Make sure to clarify POV: Your questions may include "I," but every reference to the story must be in the 3rd person, including appropriate attributions that clarify that this is the story's position, not your own.(e.g.: "according to the story," "the teller of this story suggests that," "the story seems to imply that," etc.) Remember also to observe appropriate general nouns to describe the characters in the story: "Man" in the story refers to Adam, specifically, as "Woman" refers to Eve; "The serpent," not "the Devil," "Lucifer," or "Satan," is the actual antagonist; use "humanity," "humans," or "people," not "man" to refer to people in general. NO "YOU!"

-Make sure that your answer is logical and well-supported: Do your quotes actually go with your question? Do you use text to explain HOW the text might answer them? If you feel that it doesn't answer them, do you explain EXACTLY what the story does or doesn't say that could make leave your question unanswered? (a passing paper cannot simply ask a series of questions: your main task is to go back to the text to respond to your own questions)

-Follow, and don't break, the style rules we've reviewed so far.(revise for these only after you draft)

"Problem of Evil" notes here

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