AP12 Tuesday 10/5

TUESDAY: (It's our big mid-term progress grade time, with all the assignments we've been working on due, with 70 total points at stake)

I.Both College Essay drafts due.(do not attach together, but submit as two separate assignments)
Make sure you completely review based on the most important objectives:
(make sure to put these on top of the document, in your own words)

1. Completely edit and revise for style, grammar, mechanics, and wordiness.
2. Make sure that both essays avoid chop by including appropriate (logical, not awkward) transition phrases in every sentence where possible.
3. Make sure to follow the outline for form/correct content and organization for each paragraph
4. (for Experience prompt) Make sure your conflict, main story, lesson, and later experiences show traits of maturity, especially curiosity and humility.
4. (for personal statement):
-----a.Make sure the qualities you like about the school are specific, describable, and well-researched.
-----b. Make sure your "background," "goals/I'm looking for," and "in the future" paragraphs match or support what you like about the school as you describe it in paragraph 3.

II. TURN IN FINAL DRAFT of "10 Weak, Passive, and Wordy Sentences" exercise:
-Sentences demonstrate the specific errors of WV, AS,PV, and Nounification
-Specific errors are correctly, and specifically, marked. (NO COLOR CODES,Please; Mark and label on the typed draft so that they're clearly identified)
-New sentences avoid these errors.
SEE notes for "how to get rid of chop

NOTE: THIS IS A MASTERY GRADED ASSIGNMENT: THE ONLY SCORES ARE 9 or 10/10, or 6/10. If you don't score a 9 or 10, you will have to create 10 new sentences to label and fix for your next version to upgrade your "pass" to an "A." Good Luck!

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