English 9 Word usage and Grammar Paragraphs

Due Monday, 4/26

In 3 clear paragraphs, clearly explain:

1. What rule determines when to use one-or two-word versions of words that have both forms?

include at least 3 of these word pairs as examples, explaining "how the rule would help you determine the correct word to use."

2. What's the difference between who and whom? (be sure to include definitions and explanations of "case" ; "subjective/nominative" and "objective/accusative" cases; "pronouns," and "direct and indirect objects." What is each of these terms and how does it affect the usage of who and whom?

3. Define each of these concepts:

a.transitive and intransitive verbs

b. objects and subjects

Explain how the use of each of the verb pairs lie/lay, sit/set, and rise/raise as examples are affected by a &b.


-Show a clear understanding of concepts and definitions.

-Show that you can choose and use online and reference resources effectively to find relevant information to answering a question

-Cite your sources, avoiding plagiarism.

-EXPLAIN each concept logically, in grammatical, clear explanations

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