Eng 10 LF questions #2 weekend skills take-home quiz

In this assignment, you will answer 4 questions filling in the DE outlines in this linked template:

You will turn in your filled-in Template.

1. Read each question to understand what's being asked for, then correctly label the headings of each outline.
(objective: show that you can read a question and recognize what is being asked for)
2. Fill in each outline using appropriate content.
objectives: Show comprehension and reading of the book by finding appropriate examples.

-Make sure that your examples on the left are on topic.; and

-Make sure that your entries on the right explain "How this answers the question,"


-explain something off topic

-simply repeat the general answer to the question, or

-reverse the C-->E by explaining "why this detail happens."

3. Underneath each table, turn your first, heading line of each outline into a clear topic sentence that you could use if you were answering the question in a paragraph based on the content in your outline.
objective: develop a clear, grammatical, sentence in the formal style that answers the question generally and coheres with the paragraph content in your table.

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