English 10: 2 "Lord of the Flies" paragraphs, due 12/7-8

ASSIGNMENT:  Pick your two best DE outlines, then turn them into paragraphs by following these steps (on this assignment, notice that your objectives are already in the INSTRUCTIONS):
1.  Make sure your outline is "COHERENT":  do all your details show the same overall idea?  If 2 are very closely related, but a second is different, could you find a third example closer to the two similar ones?  Do your explanations match the main theme you're trying to show?  If not, keep revising your choice of details and their interpretations until your DE outline coheres.
2.  Build a "Topic Sentence" for your paragraph from the three interpretations on the RH side of your DE outline:  Try to be as specific as possible in what you put in the Topic sentence. (for example, if all three details are about the same character, make your topic sentence about what your details show about that character, etc.)
3.  Paste this TS above the RH side of your outline:  make sure your TS matches, but is more specific than, the original theme you started with, but more general than the three interpretations it's based on.
4.  Turn your outline into a paragraph, WRITING THE PARAGRAPH BELOW THE DE OUTLINE  on the draft you prepare to turn in next class:-Begin with the Topic sentence, then turn all your DE notes in order, into complete sentences-make sure you link the LH details and RH interpretations logically-Don't reverse the "show" and "tell" (the details SHOW the interpretation, not that the characters say these things BECAUSE of our interpretation)-No Fragments or Run-on sentences!

5.  Add transitions at the beginning of  each new idea.

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