English 10 Post-Thanksgiving "Tao" homework

Reminder: Read chapters 1-2 of Lord of the Flies (further, if you have time)
Due next class: revisions of Tao assignment, including written objectives!

Pick 4 of your favorite passages from the Tao te Ching;
List each: after your quoted passage, compose a brief paragraph that answers the following questions:

1) What does this passage seem to say or suggest?
2) What would be an example of a situation where this might apply?
(introduce your example with a "hypothetical" phrase, such as "suppose that..."; or "For example, if a person who..."; or "This could apply to a situation in which a ..." etc.)
3) How does the example show this idea from the verse? (Connect your example back to the quotation with a phrase such as:
"This example thus shows that..." or, "just as the passage states that...the person in this case..." or "by having to...the person who faces this challenge would need to...just as the verse says that.."
4) Make sure to conclude with a general statement of "why this matters": "Ultimately, according to the Tao, if people.." or "In general, The Tao te Ching thus argues that..." or "As in this example, then,..." or "people who...can, in the end..."etc.
5)Please write the following objectives , in your own words, on your draft:
-Show basic comprehension of the passage by putting it in your own words.
-Find an example that logically shows the same idea you defined
-Clearly show "what about your example shows the concept?", linking it back to the quote in a specific way.
-Write in complete, grammatically correct sentences, free of errors of sentence structure and word usage. (especially also watch out for errors of formal style, including SCRs, general "you," choppy sentences without transitions, Negative statements, Point-of view errors, Missing Authorial attributions, Vague statements, Passive voice, "this shows that," etc.)

See a model example here

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