Must-have links and resources for English 11

I've had a number of requests lately from students in English 11 who love all the guides and resources, and love that they're here on the blog, but would just like to have just the ones we need and put them all in one easy-to-find place.  Here they are:  just the "most important" resources that support what we're doing in the class.

The Usage guide

The guide that shows all the ways to combine a given piece of evidence and claim to make different memes.

The paragraph guides:
     The "basic" skills of IQ and "connecting" claims, evidence, and reasons"
     The advanced guide to a paragraph that "almost" works but makes logical mistakes.

The guide to our one-paragraph "literary encounters," including some examples of good models.

The checklist we premiered in February for editing our literary encounters.

Requirements for our Vocab assignment


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