Reminder for AP11 summaries

1.   select an appropriate article:  it must be at least 15 paragraphs long, argue a specific opinion, and address some topic of interest or importance.

2. Create a document, on which you will write your summary.  Make sure that in your first sentence, include the actual full web address so that others can refer to your piece.
Your completed summary should be 1 1/4- 1 1/2  double-spaced pages in #11 font.

  • The opening paragraph of each summary introduces author and work, provides context to define the subject, and indicates the author's thesis and purpose.
  • Body paragraphs correspond to specific main ideas in the original essay
  • Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that generalizes the main ideas of what would have been several main ideas in the original essay.
  • The last paragraph concludes the summary by indicating the author's original conclusions.
  • Throughout, the summary maintains its point of view as an observer of its source, using "authorial attributions" to indicate that the writer is summarizing the views of the other author, not adding their own reflections on the subject.

I encourage you to check out these models, completed by 9th-graders this year:

Be especially conscious of capturing the writer's purpose and "point":  don't just give a string of details, but do clarify what your essay is arguing and how it's arguing it.

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