Error comments for H9 Summaries

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A /blue C:

Awkward or unclear wording or presentation

B /blue E:

Overly BRIEF presentation (usually in an intro) fails to capture whole main idea fully.

C/ blue D

Unclear CONTEXT, including background, focus on who the issue concerns, actual POV

M /blue A

Misreading author’s point, inaccurate comprehension (look at how this idea fits into the overall context of the piece as a whole)

F/Blue F

Unclear Focus: who does this idea concern? what does author say about them? Don’t

alternate between subjects or perspectives unless topic sentence and Main idea is actual

conflict or comparison.

G/blue G

Doesn’t GENERALIZE the whole idea adequatel: missing Purpose or “THE POINT”

W/ blue H

WEAK presentation of idea: it’s clear but probably not a complete statement of the whole, actual idea

P/blue B

Mistaking part for whole; like M, but here, it’s actually in the piece, just not the main idea

S/ blue K

Scale, length, proportions don’t match original; including overall length within required guidelines

Tr/Blue L

Transitions missing or misleading, choppy, abrupt; needs to connect

Z, Greek Theta, Blue J

Not concluding, closing: needs to get to closing generalization of opinion, Thesis, purpose, implications of article.