Eng 9 Weekend reminders

1. Reread "Scarlet Ibis" for our writing and literature work this week.
2. Prepare any question and answer notes (like we discussed in class) that you CAN use for our
Monday quiz. (remember: "what is a..." "How do we..." " What makes a ____ called a___"
are the basic forms of the kinds of WTF questions that I'll ask. These help us understand what these terms of grammar actually mean)

3. HONORS 9:
Remember to find, either from an online source, or from the opinion section of the LA Times or other major paper (New York Times, Wall Street Journal) or magazines of current events or public opinion (Time, The Economist, The New Republic, National Review, The Nation, etc.)
an opinion piece arguing a specific opinion and point of view.

You're looking for an essay like the Balzar "Woodworker" piece; (not a short editorial, but an actual featured opinion essay, with a named author or columnist, that argues some specific point of view)

Bring this to class for discussion, sharing, and reading work.

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