OCT. 11 English 10 - T-Chart Assignment Reading + Revision

p. 506-530 (Info, Bios , and poems, not all the questions, etc.)

REVISION ADD-ON: (Turn in With outlines)
This will be a sheet with 3 different Outlines on it (th ebad ones you took from your partners) with an explanation after each of EXACTLY HOW IT COULD BE FIXED.

This may be because they:
1. Didn't use appropriate quotes:
example: "The quotes about Noah "being responsible for the animals" shows that God puts him in charge in the story, but not necessarily a reward. I changed the quote to ... because it better shows...and is thus rewarded."

2. Only restated the quote, rather than showing how it answered the question.
example: "The explanation that "Ruth stays with Naomi" is just a restatement of the quote "cleave to her" : I added...to explain "how this shows loyalty."

3. The RH "explanation" only shows an opinion about the quote, not something that's true "by definition" about the quote that could answer the question. (this includes reversed C-->E's)
"They said that "Adam and Eve's punishments differ because God wants them to face their different crimes," but this doesn't answer the question, which is "how do they differ? or "what's the difference." I used this quote about adam.... and this one about Eve, then explained that this is different in that...

4. Other logical problems not listed here
Corrections must be clear: show that you know what you're doing
Must be specific: show exactly what was wrong, and how it works better in your corrected version.

***Please return signed video-release forms to Ms. Fay. If you need one, you can get one from her on Wednesday***

Assignment (due Wednesday, October 6, 2010):
Click here for the assignment, questions, and sample outline.

Extra follow-up notes from Wednesday exercises

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