Questions for Eng 10 Persian/Arabic readings 9/22

INSTRUCTIONS: Pick 3 of these questions, then answer:
-Include quotes to support each answer
-make sure to explain your answer
-use the new style rules

1. (622-629) Describe three critical events discussed in this history passage that you think are most important to this culture: What makes each event so important?

2. (633-636) Pick one excerpt of a few sentences (one idea) from the Koran and explain what the poetic language of the text might be saying, or what makes it significant or interesting. Of course, you're welcome to find other quotes than the ones in the book from a Web archive.

3. (642-652) Find at least two similarities between the situation described between Sorhab and Rostam in the Shaname, and the characters in the Kite Runner. How do they relate?

4.(665-670) Pick one of the sayings of Saadi or (Or search on the internet for more interesting examples of Sufi riddles/parables) and explain what the point/moral of the anecdote might be.

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