English 9 opening DE assignment Due: 9/10

For each of the two stories you read for today, complete a brief "Double-Entry" Show and Tell Table. (that means 2 tables, 10 lines each!)

For each story, begin by noting 10 Specific details that you thought were important in the story.

To the right of each detail, "Tell" us what you think the detail specifically "shows" about the character or situation described.

You have two goals or "Objectives" to put on the top of the document, in your own words:

1. Make sure each detail is very specific, and to the point. Include the precise pieces of each quote that show the point, not the whole quote. (these can be phrases)

2. Make sure that what's on the right goes with what's on the left.

3. (Added for clarification) Make the Right Hand "interpretation" entries as clear and succinct as possible; don't write long sentences, just say the point!

Remember: Come see me tomorrow if you have questions

3. Added for clarification: make sure that what's on the right is an interpretation of what the detail shows, not just a restatement of what happens.

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