AP12 inductive outline for Monday, Mar.22

Format: Typed and labeled
Thesis: ?
TSs (in show==>tell form)
  • 3 details per paragraph, DE form\
  • detail==>what it shows
  • etc.

Inductive Conclusion Thesis: after all 6 paragraphs, what does it all add up to?


  • must be clear exactly what your observable, defined "element" or motif is: it must be something tangible that we can see or hear in all 6 paragraphs
  • Outline must cohere around one specific theme or idea that the motif or element seems to represent
  • The use of that symbol, motif, element should somehow develop over the course of the story, and of your essay outline.
  • Must clearly argue some significance, overall meaning of the element you choose.
  • Find some logical order of development for your actual paragraphs


You don't need 3 details of the element in each scene, only one! (make sure you have 3 details that show what the element might show or mean in the scene: what's the theme, tone, or underlying conflict in the scene that the film associates with your element?)

Link to notes to a paper on a different book employing inductive organization...

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