English 10: for Friday, 11/4

ASSIGNMENT: "4 DE Paragraph outlines for 4 main ideas of LF (Chapters 1-3)"

1. Copy, review, and make sure you understand the objectives of this assignment before you begin your work. Write them on top of your draft.

2. From chapters 1-3 of Lord of the Flies, Find 3 quotes from different passages that answer each of the following questions:
a. Characterize Ralph: what are his values or priorities?
b. Characterize Jack: what does he most want or value?
c. Characterize either Simon or Piggy: what trait most defines him?
d. What hints suggest that conflict is already looming within the larger group?/What does each "side" of the conflict seem to want?

3. put these 3 quotes on the LH side of one DE Outline for each question:
4. On the top right of each DE Outline, Generally answer
the question, in a clear, complete sentence based on your interpretations of the quotes in the RH boxes of your table below.

OBJECTIVES: a successful assignment will:
1. Show your good reading by identifying appropriate quotes to answer these important questions.
2. Logically interpret each quote in a way that answers the question.
3. Create clear answers to the questions that logically follow from the evidence and interpretations you have gathered.
4. Demonstrate your proficiency with, and understanding of, the DE model as a way of building and organizing interpretations from actual text.
5. Demonstrate your ability to follow directions in applying skills we have already practiced to a new challenge: coming up with reasonable, supported answers to questions about the most important themes of this book.

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