Word usage notes and assignment

It's Semester II Word Week for freshmen and sophomores:
This is the one time of the year all my classes, together, will review some practical, everyday English tools for avoiding the mistakes that get us all into trouble.

Assignment for Wed/Thurs:
Read the guide I've assembled here, including the words we did in class and some new ones, too. For class "participation" credit, bring 20 sentences to class (these can be in your notebook) to share as exercises: for each, use one pair of "confused" or "misused" words that you know you often misuse. Complete 10 sentences on the Part 1 rules; 10 sentences on the Part II rules) note; English 10 is doing the Part I rules only!) You can do these as "model" sentences, or better yet, try to find those dreaded "wrong usages that sound right." We'll share them in class for a war-of-wrong-way-words smackdown!
See the "Pea Sea" poem for fun!

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