ALL 9 and 10 Classes: Week of 11/9-14

For Monday, 11/16 (2,3) and Tuesday (4,5,6)
Revise The DE you brought on Thursday of
Column 1: Five things I read about the River North Dance Company and the kinds of dance they do.
Column 2: Based on each quote, what I expected to see at the performance.
(Objective: "clear" answers for the first two columns will specify observable things about the company's approach to dance that make them unique, not just "how good they are." The thing you expect should be somehow logically related to what you read!)

for Monday/Tuesday, we're adding:
(either as a third column, or just include as five sentences at the end)
"How specific things I saw in the performance looked like, or differed from, what I expected."
Note: if you like, you may include up to 3 "things I learned from the Q&A session after the performance," so long as you have five total.

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