Assignments for week of 9/29-30

English 9: Monday Assignment:
Write an answer to question #8 (Critical interpretations, on the page immediately after Mary Oliver's "A few Words" essay)

Make sure to include at least 5 quotes to support your answer.

1.Answer question clearly
2.Observe all style rules so far, especially avoiding chop.
3.Make sure that each sentence is grammatically correct, and as clear as you can make it.

Honors English 9 assignment
Record of Class grammar notes (usage rules and notes from the week here)
English 10: Read to page 55
WTF? : Similarities and differences in a few "origin myths" and "heroic tales." What do these tales tell us about the people who created and told them?
Friday's exercise (it's at the bottom, after the "survey" prompt we did Wed.)

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