AP 12 First assignment

For Monday see some reminders here for revising your summaries.

Summarize your article in 1 1/4- 1 1/2 pages. Make sure your opening paragraph identifies not only the main thesis or finding of the article, but also provides an explanation of the context behind the subject: What kind of article is this? What kind of a journal or source is it published in? how does this article fit into its field? What seems to be the author's purpose?

In the body paragraphs (you'll probably have 1-3 of these) make sure your quotes identify the MAIN ideas of the article. (If your article is a scientific study, summarize the parts of the experiment, including method, findings, conclusions) Your conclusion, as in our previous summaries, should reflect the author's conclusions or thesis.


Find an article intended for an academic, not general audience.
Effectively summarize the article.
Be clear and support your reading

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